Beware of Malware- Android Application Development Companies!

Now all Android application development companies should raise their brow as Malware is appearing to make Android as double-edge sword to hit the same with it. Best example of it is experienced by Redditor Lompolo who happened figure out that one of the publisher name unknown took 21 most popular free apps from Android market, steal complete data and again posted in the Android development market featuring its own name. To the amazement of everybody these apps witnessed 50 to 200 k downloads only in four days.

What does Redditor Lompolo did? He got publishers apps links and out of the blue found one of the apps and to his astonishment noticed that it had been not the original creator. For e.g. he saw Super Guitar Solo but in fact it should have been Guitar Solo Lite. He went further to choose the exact source by downloading two apps and extracting the APKs. He found out both had been copied but not originally developed. This is really a thing to ponder on and hair raising accounts when never know when your created app can be stolen and republished.

To further verify the facts, he further asked resident hacker to look at the code and what he was quoted saying was indeed a startling revelation. He had used device via rageagainstthecage or exploid to steal coding. This is just a small tip of the iceberg, but there is an additional APK which is concealed deep inside the code and to your surprise and amusement it can steal almost everything together with personal profile like your products ID, partner, country and user Id. However for your hackers it is all very minor things but more serious is the undeniable fact it has capacity and capability to download way more. In other words, we never know what do app does once can installed and the choices nonetheless uncountable.

This is ultimately being done by no doubt Android Trojan which is question main culprit. It may be downloaded 50,000 times. Weight loss technologies are coming more are these spywares anyone never know when your turn will come possess will see your app is stolen and reproduced in the market and you really are left in the lurch.

freedom download is a very a case to discuss and study particularly for Android Content management Company that they ought to get their apps updated and secure to protect from is really a really. If you are not careful maybe it is your turn next.