From Mental Games Are Slowing Shifting To Physical

Games are known to be played using your mind, and with the help of the controllers, a player can manipulate an in-game character to perform various actions. kizi Games today are categorized depending on how the game is played. Some of these categories are: first person shooters, sports, RPG or Adventure, simulation, and massively multiplayer online game.

These categories are played by different people, and each of these categories offer different game play that will provide you with the gaming experience that you are looking for. One thing is common about these games; they can all be played using a controller that a player needs to hold while playing the game.

Nintendo was the first to introduce a new gaming experience by allowing the players to participate in the game physically. The player uses a wireless controller with motion sensors that allow the console to accurately track the movements of the player. These gestures are then converted to the in- candygame character’s movements.

This innovation from Nintendo shocked the whole gaming world, and brought Nintendo in the spotlight once again. With the popularity of Wii, the competitors of Nintendo are rushing to develop a console that is capable of tracking the movements of the players. Sony has released Move for Playstation 3 and Microsoft released Kinect for Xbox 360.

These moves from game console companies only prove one thing; games are slowly shifting from mental to physical. These consoles with motion sensing capabilities will allow us, players, to enjoy the game better, by giving us the chance to participate in games physically.

The next steps of these giant companies are exciting as they continue the race against each other in order to gain the front seat in tank trouble 2 game console industry. This only means one thing; we, gamers, can expect better products from them, while they try to battle against each other to get the highest market share percentage.