Gmail Users Face Disruption in Service

E-mail is fast becoming a predominant means of personal and business communication. Paper-based communication is replaced several large extent by electronic communication in the involving e-mail. Individual and organizations rely heavily on e-mail communications. As such, disruption of e-mail services or loss of e-mails may have severe implications. Recently, Gmail users complained of lost e-mails and access denial. The loss was caused by a bug hosted during the storage software update by Google. Google has since stopped plan update process. Initially, Google reported that the bug has resulted in disruption of services to nil.08% of the users, which was later revised to 0.02% of Google e-mail users. Thousands of Gmail users reported missing mails and login failure. Yahoo is investigating the issue trying to resolve the quandary. The affected users may unable to login during the course of investigation.

Last year, Google reported creation of multiple data centers to facilitate recovery in case of disaster. The latest note released during the official Gmail web site states that some software bugs may damage even data stored at multiple data centers. Security professionals at Google are attempting recover data from offline tapes. The state run blog adds that data recovery from tapes may take several hours. In case you update on the business’s application status dashboard states that Gmail service has been restored to several users and experts are trying to restore services to remaining 0.012% of Gmail users. The company cautions that e-mails sent to the affected accounts between 6:00 PM pacific standard time (PST) on February 27 and 2:00 PM PST on February 28 may canrrrt you create been delivered. gmail sign up of the e-mails may have received a failure notice.

The disruption in services may have adverse implications on organizational users, who may loss important communication related to business. Loss of critical information may also have financial implications on business. Moreover, disasters are unpredictable in nature. Therefore, organizations must have robust disaster recovery mechanisms in place to facilitate timely retrieval of the lost information. Organizations face a wide connected with threats in the prevalent IT state. As such, they must hire computer incident managers, computer forensic experts, computer science degree holders, penetration testers and security analysts.

Organizations must encourage security professionals to try online degree programs related to disaster recovery, business continuity and incident management. Knowledge of disaster recovery mechanisms helps professionals in by using adverse circumstances.

Aspiring IT professionals may benefit from various online university degree programs in cyber security, network security, disaster recovery and business continuity and computer forensic courses. Such courses may also facilitate industries in hiring well-informed security professionals, who are not only technically sound, but also aware of the latest developments a field.