How to Encourage Kids to Study? You don’t have to annoy them!

Admit it – even you didn’t like homework in your teens. So, your kids would also delay homework if you don’t get involved. Stop nagging them to finish their homework. Give them some time for play activities.


Our involvement eventually becomes scolding and nagging. These seldom give desired results. As a parent, you want your kids to learn and develop their skills to success. But with these well-desired efforts, you both end up with annoyance. It’s time to give these tips a try if your child turns bad-tempered while doing homework –


Know the Problem

Is it lack of motivation or your child lacks specific abilities or skills that are required for assignment? To get the best response, try to solve the problem.


Goal Setting

When it comes to do homework, ask your child to set individual goals. Set the right reward system for her age when she completes a week of doing homework on time. You can have a chart which shows their progress reports on homework.


Adjust things

Being a parent, you may become anxious or don’t like homework just like your child. Such kind of conflicts just elevates the attitude problems. Keep in mind that homework is not an irritating job. Instead, your child can learn new skills and practice more with homework. Along with just passing exams, your child can also succeed in life.


It’s Time to Make it Smarter

According to a research, consistent study environments and routines don’t promote learning. Actually, you need to change environments to promote deeper learning and vary both the subject being read and study routines.


It is better to study in varied environments as it promotes your brain to make varied associations with same material. It will help a lot of parents. With busy schedules, parents are too stressed to finish homework in a boring yet consistent environment. So, you shouldn’t find it annoying to have her studying anywhere you go.


Develop confidence

It’s time to connect their success with their effort. Instead praising what they have done, be sure to focus on how hard they worked on their spelling and how it paid off in the form of good grades.


Set some time for play activities

Last but not the least! To keep your kids engaged with studies without getting bored of consistent schedules, it is always wise to take them to the nearest kids play area Jaipur where they can enjoy fun activities with other kids and develop confidence and refresh their mind of daily stress.