How to start practicing canicross learning to throw

We continue with the special canicross to share trainings with our pet. In previous posts we talked about the necessary equipment (canicross harness, line of shot and lumbar belt) and the breed of the dog and its motivation. Today we tell you how we should start training with our dog and how to progress in distance and speed with him.

We must be clear that, although we run together, on the one hand goes our career training and on the other our dog. When practicing canicross the dog is always ahead of us (it is one of the rules of the race) and is pulling our weight, so we will have a helping hand when it comes to running faster. If we are “slow” runners it is convenient that we do series trainings on our own to increase our speed for more click here .

Dogs on the run: starting to run


The first thing we should do with our dog is to teach him to recognize when we are going to go out to train or to compete. For this it is very useful to use the harness of shooting: use it only when you go to run and avoid using it on other occasions such as the walk or play. This way, when your dog sees that you take the shot harness and put it on you will immediately associate it with the training.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to training our dog to pull is that the training should be progressive and from scratch. As we said, we can start training our dog from six months of age (not before this date, as it corresponds to the period of education and socialization of the dog) even though they can not compete until they have a year. In addition, we must be constant: running with our pet about three or four times a week in short sessions is perfect for the dog to get used to.

Learning to throw


At first the training should always be based on the game so that our dog will take pleasure in running. Remember that the key is always positive reinforcement, so discover what is what most likes your dog (caresses, toys … if what motivates you is the food seeks to alternate it also with caresses so that it does not affect your diet ) And include it in training.

A very useful technique for our dog to learn to pull is to use a hare. You will need a friend who runs more than you and hares in front of you. Just hook up with your dog’s shooting line and tell your friend (can be provided with a biter or toy of your pet to get their attention) to start running. The dog will shoot out after him, and you with the dog: this is the time to teach him the order of departure (“run”, “go”, or whatever you prefer) and do not forget to always keep some tension on the line shooting. When you want to stop, pull some of it while giving the stop command (“high”, “quiet”, “for”, etc).


The Basic Orders


We have already talked about the start and stop, but other basic orders that we must not forget are the turns and the speed changes.

During canicross competitions you are allowed to grasp the line of fire with your hands (remember, as long as you keep running behind your dog) to give the dog the relevant directions. When you are training, it is a good idea to associate the indications through the line of fire with an oral order (“left” or “right”) for the dog to identify and reinforce or use either.