Sonia Gandhi at Peoples Integration Council

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The establishment of this Peoples Integration Council is most timely. Just two days ago, we recalled Gandhiji’s supreme sacrifice and reaffirmed our resolve to adhere to steadfastly in his footsteps. We are here not since public personalities ladies importantly as citizens concerned about foreseeable future of our locale. What unites all of us is our determination to confront any forces who undermine brotherhood and harmony among our people, who subvert our political unity and who follow economic policies to the detriment of kisans, khet mazdoors, workers and weaker parts of society.Tolerance, broad-mindedness, understanding and mutual accommodation-for long the hallmarks of our uniquely diverse and deeply religious society-are all being attacked carefully. The great religions that have flourished in our country for centuries and millennia are sought to be hijacked by bigots and fanatics.

No doubt, main responsibility for protecting, preserving and promoting social peace normally of the feds. But civil society and its institutions like this Peoples Council possess a key role to play, especially when the state becomes blatantly partisan.This role is to give expression towards the voice of enthusiasts number of our people who respect and celebrate our many diversities.This role is to convey a forum for mobilising the will belonging to the overwhelming number people people who aspire for a higher quality of life and a higher standard of living free of discord and antagonisms.

This role in order to send a clear and unequivocal message to those whose sole objective for you to destroy the essence of Indian culture and civilization that the nefarious designs will not succeed.We will be called upon to combat on many fronts-social, political, cultural and economic. We owe it to the overwhelming number of our countrymen and women that are steeped in their own faiths, yet respectful and accepting of other beliefs, which of India’s religions are defended from those who preach discord and propagate hatred.Our message end up being loud and clear that communalism, fundamentalism and fanaticism any kind of kind is unwanted. The law must deal, without fear or favour, with any organization or individual, no matter what religion, responsible for sectarian, divisive and hate-filled acts and propaganda.