Vichitra Games Launches Mrityu – The Terrifying maze for Android and iOS

Vichitra Games, the critically popular game development studio unveils Mrityu – The Scary maze for Android and simply iOS. Mrityu is latest game published by particular India-based game development recording studio after the critically acclaimed: Politics Challenge, Mystery Sums and Romi and Vehicle Juliet. This time your studio released an involving maze and 3d beforehand person survival game online site a horror setting with no shortage of dangerous enemies, ghosts, powerups, and mysteries.

“We felt there can be a lack of 3D 1st person survival games on the inside horror game genre. Regarded as connected to for Mrityu did not considered come easy, but feel that the final result can be great. The fans along with horror, fps games using stories will have an outstanding time enjoying Mrityu”, outlined Mr. Rohit from Vichitra Games.

The storyline to do this horror game draws on 3 friends. Substantial trying to purchase the treasure hidden within an ancient dungeon, only to find they will have trouble battling different varieties of unexpected opponents. This is a first anyone survival in and also this players need safeguard themselves from ghouls. In order to do so, users may use the power names ‘mrityunjay mantra’ to enable them to protect themselves hailing from ghosts.

“Mrityu is a particular Sanskrit word and that means death & is frequently used all in India, and we wanted to are like the true scary spirit of it all exciting and nail-biting survival game. Hopefully the true aficionados of this variety will be enthusiastic about Mrityu – A person’s Terrifying maze once we are”, added Mister. Rohit.

android training institute in pune on a scary labyrinth and is cheerful rich. Expect a lot of time of entertainment extra powers too, similar to flashlights (to freeze them ghosts) and flame (to put the new marker in your maze).